Richard Armitage for Esquire UK (x)

Track Title: Holland Road

Artist: Mumford & Sons

Album: Babel


Holland Road - Mumford & Sons

I am a selfie queen tonight sorry kids~ 🌻🌿💄

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I was cleaning my closet and found some old clothes and as tradition demands, selfies ensued #ifeellikepeggycartertbh

I was cleaning my closet and found some old clothes and as tradition demands, selfies ensued #ifeellikepeggycartertbh

I really don’t have words anymore for this man just please stop him 

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A mural was painted over Monday afternoon after Trenton police expressed concern that the painting, depicting Michael Brown, a Ferguson, Mo., teen who was fatally shot by police in August, sent the wrong message about community and police relations.

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I want someone to write a book where Mermaids are the women thrown off ships when the sailors got afraid because having a woman on the boat is bad luck. And as they sink to the bottom, legs tied together, they change slowly until they can breathe, until they can use their tied up legs to swim. And they drown sailors in revenge, luring them in by singing in their husky voices still stinging from the salt water they breathed. 

someone please write this


This year we are once again hosting our annual Trunk or Treat  event at McDonald’s on 485 Broadway in Paterson.

We will have candy, sweet treats, school supplies and happy meals packed inside of different trunks. We will also have a Halloween fashion show for the kids, a dance contest and more.

We feel that it is important to provide a positive and safe space for children to trick or treat in our city. Because parents want to provide their children with a safe way to enjoy the holiday we are expecting a very large turnout!

Please donate to make this event a success and bring something positive to the community!

Your generous donations will fund the candy, school supplies, happy meals, decorations and DJ. Remember, no ammount is too small! 

Thank you! 


お母さんが#電話 をしてる時 ⚠️お母さんが電話してる時は静かに待とうね。〜 サム(´Д` )

When my mother is on the #phone  Wait quietly when your mother is on the phone. 〜 サム(´Д` )

Yes. Okay. Ah, please wait for a moment… I’M ON THE PHONE SHUT UP

Ah, yes, excuse me. 

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I’m never recovering


everyone should see this movie ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪


everyone should see this movie ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪


do any of the artists actually know their songs and band names are referenced in jjba

does vanilla ice know hes a villain