I decided to treat myself to some treats and a new book before work tonight 🌿⛅️

I decided to treat myself to some treats and a new book before work tonight 🌿⛅️


this is the strongest vine I ever seen


Remember that time I went around messaging “real justice”/”anti-SJW” blogs asking them if they had any plans of addressing nazi blogs?

And all the responses were “we judge actions, not beliefs”, “I think you’ll find they’re quite reasonable if you just talk to them.”, and “that would be fighting hate with hate!”… and, as a kicker, “Actually, I’m a nationalist socialist myself and this is why I’m interested in ~*real*~ justice.”

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heres a tip if you want your feminism to be genuinely inclusive stop equating breasts, periods, XX chromosomes with femininity because a lot of women dont have these things and a lot of men and nonbinary people do have these things

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With Vonderrit you have the structure saying trust me while we find the truth. But how can we trust you in the midst of all of this? How dare you demand my trust when you continue to violate our ability to be alive, our freedom to assemble and continue to threaten the assembly of black bodies.

We’re out here because people are dying. We also refuse to live in a world where blackness is a death sentence. I refuse to let that be my reality.

— DeRay McKesson, Ferguson protest organizer (x)


@DarkMatterRage is #NotProud of the co-optation of Pride and the depoliticization of the white cis gay agenda.

Solidarity to all the trans, queer, PoC, &/ low income folks experiencing micro and macro agressions this Pride season. Keep the resistance alive!

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fun statistics for adults!
“when I was a kid, I had no help with college tuition, I was hardworking and paid it all myself”
-Annual tuition for Yale, 1970: $2,550
-Annual tuition for Yale, 2014: $45,800
-Minimum Wage, 1970: $1.45
-Minimum Wage, 2014: $7.25
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 1970: 4.8
-Daily hours at minimum wage needed to pay for tuition in 2014: 17.3

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if you’re not jewish, kabbalah is not for you.

you are not allowed to read about it. you are not allowed to wear red bracelets. you are not allowed to practice it or think it’s cool and…


Lora Arellano ❤️


Lora Arellano ❤️

"Day of the Dead draws near (November 1st for the deceased children and November 2nd for deceased adults), an opportunity for us to nourish and be nourished by our spirit allies, our family members who have crossed over. Just the opposite of Halloween, Day of the Dead is a day to remember our connections to the other side. These spirits are not ghouls come to frighten us, but ancestors who guide and protect us."


since the gravity falls episode is out now and it seems to be quite popular on tumblr i believe it is important for me to let you know what one of the animators, paul robertson, has done

content warning for: #nsfw #genital mutilation #gore #blood #misogyny #transmisogyny #lolicon #pedophilia #rape #racism #nazism #body horror #murder

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