"Researchers at the University of Western Australia decided to revamp the way they studied Viking remains. Previously, researchers had misidentified skeletons as male simply because they were buried with their swords and shields. (Female remains were identified by their oval brooches, and not much else.) By studying osteological signs of gender within the bones themselves, researchers discovered that approximately half of the remains were actually female warriors, given a proper burial with their weapons.”

Women have always fought. We have always been there, ‘contributing to history’. Our own, modern sexism contributes to the erasure of it.

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tv meme {1/5 male characters} | Athelstan

Where are you, Lord? Tell me: Is it your will that I am here with these heathens? How does it serve you? I don’t understand. And for the first time in my life I am angry with you. You allow my brothers to be slaughtered and sold. Is this really your will? For the first time…I feel lonely. Where are you, Lord? Where are you? And why don’t you answer me?

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So, I’m getting ready to start my new semester and I’m in a desperate need for money, so I just wanted to throw it out there that I’m up for commissions!!  I’m a little new to this, so I’m still working out specifics, but if you’re interested feel free to let me know and we can work something out!  I’ll draw just about anything, my favorites are couples and people though!  And just so you know, I can do digital or traditional depending on your preference!! And if you REALLY like it, I can even make a canvas print of any digital commission of your choice~  ^ u ^ 

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Lagertha, drawn in PS


Lagertha, drawn in PS

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next week on vikings: athelstan tries to take away bjorn’s x-box (with expected results)