Works in progress and almost ready to etch. Pretty excited about my series tbh, this is gonna be so much fun <3

Done for now~

Time 2 sleep

Progress~ #myart#wip#2moretogo

More progresssss

Reworking some prints 


pen & watercolor

One of the 8 drawings I had to do the other day.  That was so much, but they turned out pretty neat I think.  

WIP of my first etching!! This was my first time running it through the press, I have to do a few more in this state, then etch more details into it as well.  I’d like to try aquatinting if possible, we shall see! 

Some small progress. This is going to be a long weekend. ; ___ ; #dontcryformeargentina

A seamaiden on my French notes~ ☆ u ☆~ ♥

Rochester wip—-ended up breaking my stylus some how so I have to pause for now but in the meantime, look upon my endeavors

I am determined to get better at my digital art and also maybe do commissions this year if anyone would like one C: